It’s a grim milestone: one year since the coronavirus lockdowns first gripped the nation. It’s been twelve months marked by immense pain and loss. Now, the prospect of vaccine distribution could mark the beginning of the end of this global nightmare.

But then what? What will it take to build a better world than before?

Here’s one answer: think like a mother. If more of us could do this, we could create lasting solutions to seemingly intractable problems — solutions that meet the needs of many rather than the whims of a few.

To be clear, you don’t have to…

When my sons were younger, I remember explaining to them the difference between real and imaginary. Their dreams and nightmares weren’t real; you couldn’t see or touch them. The stories in their books weren’t real; I soothed their worries about monsters coming to life by assuring my boys it was all just imaginary.

Those conversations have surfaced in my mind as I’ve been thinking about borders; these made-up lines etched across the Earth by the powerful to hold their power in place — lines that are imaginary at first and then all too real.

The US-Mexico border in Arizona, cutting…

In my work, I have the privilege of partnering with visionary activists who fight each and every day for the rights of women and their communities — and who often face retaliation for their activism.

I first met Yanar Mohammed, a prominent Iraqi feminist, just months after she founded the Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq in 2003. She had set up an organization that would not only provide shelter and care for women facing sexist violence but would also expose the roots of that violence: religious fundamentalists and their enablers, boosted to power by the US occupation.

After Yanar…

Today is the beginning. It may be the start of the Trump Administration, but let it also be the inauguration of something much more powerful: a renewed feminist social justice movement that takes root in each of our lives, throughout the country and around the world.

As a venal sexual-predator-in-chief ushers white supremacists into the highest offices of government, the unthinkable is becoming commonplace. And the commonplace has a way of bleeding into the acceptable. That’s why I’m writing you this letter — to recommit to what I believe in.

I’m writing this letter to the future, too, because our…

With just days left before the new year, and only weeks left before Trump’s inauguration, many of us are thinking about what we can do, right now, to shore up our movements, strengthen progressive organizations and defend our values.

But where to start? The threats are many, the challenges are huge, and it can be tough to navigate the sea of organizations and actions out there.

Here are four basic principles to keep in mind when you’re deciding where to put your energy and direct your support.

Strengthen local leadership. When you think about a threat like climate change or…

Yifat Susskind

Yifat Susskind is Executive Director of MADRE, an international women’s human rights organization partnering with women facing war and disaster.

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